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  • BAIL – A metal wire formed into a semicircle to serve as a container handle. Ends fit into the ears on a general line can. Common on lard and paint cans.

    BASE BOX (BB) – A unit of area and the standard basis for measurement in the tinplate industry. This term originally described a package of 112 sheets 14″X 20″ but has come to signify the area of any size sheet.

    BASE WEIGHT – Refers to the weight in pounds of one base box of can-making plate. The plate base weight is proportional to the plate thickness.

    BEAD – Inside or Internal —- A rounded depression around the surface of a container or end used to stiffen or improve its appearance. Also used to secure collar in can. Outside or External — As above except convex rather than concave.

    BODY – The sidewall of a container. The portion of a container to which top and bottom ends are attached by double seaming, soldering, friction fit, etc. A cylinder-shaped part of a can. Refers to any shape, however.

    CAN DIMENSION – The dimensions of a container expressed in inches and 1/16 inches.

    CAN HEIGHT – The dimension of the can from top to bottom.

    CAN MANUFACTURERS INSTITUE (CMI) – An association of can manufactures organized to promote the use of metal containers through public relations and to solve common industry problems.

    CEMENTED SIDE SEAM – Refers to a nonsoldered can joint or side seam which has been bonded, sealed, or filled with a side seam cement.

    CHIME – The expanded edge of rim of a barrel, pail, or drum.

    CLOSURE – The joint or seal that is made in attaching the cover to a can; as in double seaming.

    COATINGS – A thin film or varnish, lacquer, or enamel applied to a can-making plate by means of a roll coater.

    COATING, LITHO – Refers to a pigmented coating used in lithographic decorations as a ground or base coat for printing inks.

    COATING, PROTECTIVE – A coating, pigmented or non-pigmented, used to provide a nonreactive barrier between the can plate and product or atmosphere.

    COATINIGS – Non-Process: Coatings that are not required to withstand sterilization processes. Process: Coatings characterized by their ability to withstand the process necessary for the sterilization of the contents of the containers.

    “E” DIMENSION – Specific finish dimension that is part of a standard terminology used by the glass container industry.

    COMPARTMENT CAN – A series of containers so fabricated and assembled that the bottom end of one acts as a closure for the container below.

    COMPOSITE CAN – A can having a fiber body composed of a composite of paper (label and liner could be aluminum foil, plastic) and one or both ends made of metal.

    CONE TOP – A tapered top, mostly used on the general line can; has general shape of a frustum of a cone.

    CONVOLUTE – Paper can body term – paper is wrapped straight in plies. A laminated fiber container formed by winding material around a cylinder with material fed at right angles to the axis.

    CORROSION – The deterioration of a metal by chemical or electrochemical reaction with its environment.

    COVER – Customer’s or loose end of open top can and various other tops.

    DIMENSIONS – Measurements of an object, in breadth, height, length, or circumference. Qualified as “Inside Dimensions” (ID) or “Outside Dimensions” (OD) as necessary.

    DOUBLE FRICTION – Type of rings and plugs having two friction wall fits. See DOUBLETITE.

    DOUBLE-SEAMED END – Part of a can that is attached to the body of a double-seamed can to form a top or bottom.

    DOUBLETITE – A type of ring and plug closure having two circumferential contact surfaces created by a “U” section in the plug fitting into a “U” in the ring. Thus two walls on the plug contact two walls on the ring.

    DRUM, CLOSED-HEAD – Refers to the drum type steel container (5 gal. capacity or more) that is supplied to the customer with the top and bottom ends seamed to the body. Also called a tight-head drum.

    EARS – Parts soldered, bumped, or riveted to side of can into which a carrying bail is inserted. Also, wavy symmetrical projections formed in the course of deep drawing or spinning as a result of directional properties or anisotropy in sheet. Ears occur in groups of 4 or 8 with the peaks of the projections located at 45 degrees and /or at 0 and 90 degrees to the rolling direction.

    “F” STYLE CAN – A rectangular-base general-line can fitted with a screw cap reclosure. Made in several liquid measure sizes. “F” style originated as a designation for the “Flit” style can.

    FITTINGS – Any parts other than ends necessary to complete the closure of a can.

    FRICTION-TOP CAN – Can with removable cover consisting of a plug which fits into a ring in the top end of the can, depending on friction fit to retain its position.

    HANDLE – Various devices for carrying pails.

    LACQUER – Various artificial varnishes, opaque or colored, baked on as a lining, It provides a nonreactive barrier between the metal plates and atmosphere or one or more of various types of paints or chemical products.

    LINERS, CAP – A gasket material inserted into a screw cap that serves to seal the closure against leakage of the container contents.

    LITHOGRAPHY – A printing process (branch of Planography) using metal plates whose printing surfaces are partly water repellent and ink repellent. The process is especially adapted to fine halftone color effects or smooth ink solids.

    LUG-PAIL COVER – A type of cover commonly used on open-end 5-gallon steel pails. The pail cover is lined with a puffy-type compound that seals on the top rim of the pail. The seal is effected by compression of the cover to the pail and is maintained by clinching the lugs, which are an integral part of the cover, to the pail rim.

    NCA – National Canners Association, now NFPA or National Food Processors Association.

    OBLONG – Refers to the shape of a general line container wherein the top and bottom ends are rectangular in shape with rounded corners. Also called an “F” style can.

    OPEN-TOP CAN – A classification of round hermetically sealed cans that have soldered side seams and compound-lined double seams. Products packed in these containers are usually heat processed. Also known as “sanitary can” or “packer’s can”.

    PAIL – A flaring or tapered body metal container equipped with a bail or handle. A variety of top closures are used.

    PAINT – Term used for solid coating baked on metal sheets.

    PHENOLIC – (As in Hi-Bake phenolic lining.) A synthetic phenolic resin baked on as a lining, it provides a nonreactive barrier between the metal plate and atmosphere or one or more various types of paints or chemical products.

    PIGMENT – (As in pigmented lining.) Inorganic material of various hues added to coatings or coatings on varnishes in order to color them.

    SIDE SEAM – The seam joining the two edges of a blank to form a body.

    SIZE COAT – A type of coating applied to the metal plate to make additional coatings or lithography adhere to the metal plate.

    SLIP COVER – Removable cover in which the cover proper fits over and around open end of can, depending on friction fit to retain it in position.

    SPIRAL CAN – A laminated fiber container formed by winding material around a cylinder at an angle to its axis.

    SPIRAL WINDING – Diagonal wrapping or paper plies in continuous operation.

    STRAIGHT-SIDED CAN OR PAIL – A round can or pail that has the same top and bottom diameter. A straight-body metal container, which can be stacked upon the top of another.

    TAPERED NESTING PAIL – A flared or tapered-body metal container formed with a nesting ring that allows one container to be stacked with another.

    TIN PLATE – Steel plate (can-making quality black plate) to which a specified weight of pure tin is applied by an electrolytic or hot-dip tinning process.

    TIN PLATE, ELECTROLYTIC – Black plate that has been coated on both sides by electrodepositing of commercially pure tin, which is then melted to improve the appearance and properties of the tin plate. Coating weights available are generally lower than hot-dipped. No. 25, No. 50 and No. 75 (.25, .50, and .75# per base box) being most frequently used; the exact weight depends upon the intended weight.

    TIN PLATE, HOT DIPPED – Black plate that has been coated on both sides with commercially pure tin by a process wherein, after definition, the sheets are passed successively through flux, molten tin, and palm oil. The amount of coating can be varied to meet requirements.

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